The McLeod Emergency Food Shelf (MEFS) is a non-profit 501c (3) agency which was organized in 1983 to assist residents of McLeod County, Minnesota in the area of hunger relief. 

MEFS receives financial donations and food support donations from the individuals, organizations, civic groups, businesses, food rescue partners, and faith partners of McLeod County.


Since 1983, millions of meals have been provided by the generous support of the local community. In the first year, 109 households were served with the number stretching over the years to as many as 1,857 distinct households.  In the most recent year (2018), 8,356 distributions provided enough food to prepare more than 392,500 meals for their hungry household members. More than a half million pounds of food are distributed each year!

MEFS provides hunger relief service as well as community support information at both the Glencoe and Hutchinson Distribution Sites. 



McLeod Emergency Food Shelf (MEFS) is committed to welcoming and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its service to the community.  We recognize that hunger can strike everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual identity, race, nationality, disability, military association, familial status, religion, ideology, or participation in any public assistance program, and therefore seek to serve all in need.  

Because we learn and serve better in a community full of unique experience, insights, and opinions, MEFS welcomes a diverse and inclusive group of staff, volunteers, and board members, as we commit to excellent service and a safe environment for all.

Provisions of this basic human need allow all who receive, food for TODAY and hope for a brighter FUTURE!



Grocery Distributions


McLeod County residents are welcome to receive full grocery distributions once every 30 days. Current physical address and household member information encouraged at each visit. 

Complete client choice options include variety of canned and dry goods, dairy items, meats, fresh produce & assorted deli and bakery items. All items subject to availability. 

Grocery distribution history is accessible at both sites for all clients. This means if you have been served at the Glencoe Site, the same record is available at the Hutchinson Site. Clients are encouraged to access the site which best meets their needs and schedules and may use sites interchangeably.

Produce Only Distributions


To further bridge the gap of food insecurity, weekly, fresh produce only distributions are offered to individuals within the MEFS service area. Availablity will vary from visit to visit. 

Produce only pick-ups do not affect the 30-day full distribution schedule. 

Additional On-Site Service Options


NAPS Distribution Site (Glencoe only). NAPS boxes are distributed Wednesdays following the 1st Tuesday of every month. CFSP Authorized program for persons age 60+ who meet income requirements. All program requirements must be met to receive a box. 

If you think you may be eligible for CSFP or know someone who may require assistance, please call 651.484.8241 or toll free at 800.365.0270 for more information.